Hello! Welcome to Asian American Studies Online

ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES ONLINE is the first electronic online commons for scholars, practitioners, artists, and activists who are committed to doing and disseminating research and transcultural perspectives on Asian and Pacific American Studies.

AAS ONLINE is developed by the staff of the Asian American and Asian Research Institute – The City University of New York, under the stewardship of Joyce Moy, Executive Director. Russell C. Leong, editor of The CUNY FORUM and editor emeritus of Amerasia Journal (UCLA), established this online website. Antony Wong is the online site manager, and William Tam and Zhu-hui Wu of AAARI provide graphic and production assistance.

The initial focus of the online commons is Asian American Studies on the East Coast and Mid-West. In the future we will incorporate views from institutions and individuals across the nation and internationally.

AAS ONLINE encourages multidisciplinary perspectives from writers, activists, and artists who contribute to comparative scholarship and literature on the Americas, the Pacific, Asia, Africa, and Europe.